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As part of the coaching organization we believe in being true to our customers and deliver high quality value based coaching including corporates.

We impart live (industry oriented) project based hands-on coaching to different ECE/CS/IT/EEE/EE students (fresher/working professionals) and carry out research work in these branches in domains like VLSI, Embedded Systems & Robotics, Software Engineering. The projects that students undertake are the ones having significance in the industry.

Students coached by us possess the right skill set necessary to embark on a role in the industry or carry out research work. Many fresher/working professionals coached by us are enjoying rewarding career in the leading Companies (MNC’s), Universities in India and abroad delivering excellent results.


VLSI design engineers can work on front end (hardware designing using HDL/SPICE, Simulation, FPGA based Synthesis, Verification using System-C or System Verilog and UVM) as well as backend (Layout/Library cell development/Memory Designing) projects and assignments. They are coached to work in the industry environment with latest projects used in the industry and are groomed for Soft skills, stress management, team work, corporate ethics etc.

The coaching involves covering Linux, Perl, TCL/TK, Advanced Digital Design Concepts, VHDL, Verilog, FPGA, CMOS Design, C & DS, C++, System C, System Verilog with UVM

  • Linux covers basic commands, vi editor, shell scripting, Sed, Awk, RCS/SCCS, Makefile/make, crontab, functions, signals, traps, advanced commands
  • Perl covers Perl scripting, OOPS concepts, advanced DS and its web application
  • Advanced Digital Design concepts covers technologies, KMAP, QM-Method, BDD’s, combinational and sequential circuits, Synthesis, Data Path, DFT, STA, Low Power
  • VHDL/Verilog HDL with application of Digital Design concepts used in h/w designing
  • FPGA implementation of hardware designs created using VHDL/Verilog, includes interfaces like keyboard, VGA, LED, BCD to 7 segment and clock dividers
  • System level verification using System Verilog including UVM technology which uses Interfaces, clocking blocks, randomization, assertions, coverage
  • System Level Architecture & Verification using System C
  • TCL scripting using lists, arrays, regular expressions, gaming, problem solving
  • CMOS designing using SPICE, mosfets (designing basic CMOS level logic circuits), Pspice simulation and different analysis like Transient, AC sweep, DC sweep, parametric, temperature, power estimation and reduction

Embedded System & Robotics

Embedded engineers coached by us can confidently meet work challenges in industrial environment. They develop expertise on 8051, AVR, PIC, ARM microcontroller, RTOS and Robotics, Wireless communications and Device Drivers, Android apps and IOT. They do hardware and software logic development and trouble shoot them on their own. Students are groomed for Soft skills, stress management, team work, corporate ethics etc.

The coaching involves covering basic electronics (board level), Micro-controllers, Micro-processors, Arduino, 8051, AVR, PIC, ARM, Raspberry Pie, I/O ports programming, interfacing, implementations, Embedded Linux, C & Data Structures, Wireless Technology (ZigBee), ARM, Linux Internals & Device Drivers, RTOS, DSP, Robotics, Actuators, Motors, Sensors and so on.

  • Basic Linux, vi editor, shell scripting, Sed, Awk, RCS/SCCS, Makefile/make, crontab
  • Micro controller & Micro processor 8051, AVR, PIC and hardware interfacing like Led, 7 segment display, LCD, keypad Matrix, buzzer and based on projects like Digital Clock Prototype, Stop Watch, Password Controlled Application-ATM, Mobile Phone Keypad Prototype, Calculator, Electronic Voting Machine
  • Interfacing various sensors like IR sensor, LDR sensor, Temperature sensor, Touch screen, Gyro sensor, Humidity and Pressure sensor etc. and based on projects like Touch-Screen based lock system, security devices using IR and PIR sensor, digital thermometer
  • Wireless technology like interfacing of RF, Bluetooth, RFID, GSM and based on projects like home automation using RF and Bluetooth, Intruder alarm using RFID and GSM, RFID based attendance system
  • ARM - Introduction to 32-bit processor, GPIO, inbuilt ADC and other peripherals, projects like SD card Interfacing
  • Serial communication Protocol like RS-232(UART), SPI, I2C, USB and based on project like message passing between two System, Biometric attendance system
  • Linux internals and Device Driver
  • Robotics - interfacing different type of motor like DC, Stepper, Servo and based on projects like Robotics Arm, Wall Follower, Mobile controlled robot, light/colour follower.
  • In-depth practical knowledge on basics of electronic components, ICs, C, C++ and Data Structures and knowledge of compilers, assemblers, simulators


SCILAB / MATLAB introduction as a research and prototyping tool, Data, Data Flow, M-files concept, programming, graphics and Image Processing, SIMULINK, SimPower, DSP, VLSI, Embedded, Wireless communication based on projects like Kalman Filter design, Accurate frequency Estimation of Real Sinusoidal signal, Water marking using wavelets, Image compression using wavelets transform.

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