About Us - Overview

Ours is a Technology, Consultancy, Services, Product Development, Research & Training organization, founded by industry veterans and professionals from IIT-Delhi, having rich experience in the key domains like Semiconductor, Embedded System, Software Development.

The charter of 3ST Technologies Private Limited is to work in the areas of Design and Verification Services, Development of Verification IP’s, Embedded Systems and Robotics related products and services, Software Product Development and Services and provide the best in class quality services to our clients and customers plus an exciting work environment for our employees. Our employees bring out hidden talents by designing the most challenging entities with an open work environment. We strongly believe that the engineering minds can solve technical problems by designing engineering solutions with a simple and holistic approach and create innovative solutions.

We believe in being true to our customers and as a team we work hard to maintain zero-defect hardware/software (Embedded and Software domain) solutions delivery to our clients and customers. We go an extra mile to develop optimized solutions and applications for our clients. We have an open work culture where we share with client the schedules of the project and the tracking of various milestone of the project. Being fair on our part and fair to customer during the project execution is what makes our organization different from others.

Our Engineers work on state of the art technologies. We have the best talent available with us who can take on challenges in Semiconductor domain in the SoC Design, IP Design and Verification, Timing Analysis, Power Analysis, DFT, Virtual Modeling using SystemC-TLM standards and functional verification using System Verilog and UVM.

We are growing and our growth chart is

With ever growing activities in our company there is a need for us to develop our own talent pool through training, research and consultancy in these vital areas. Training naturally bridges the gap between academics and industry and help students make a smooth transition from academics to industry. We touch almost all aspects of career and personality development for students like resume writing, mock interviews, interview question handling, written tests, soft skills, aptitude tests, puzzles apart from giving them rigorous training full of exciting project assignments and knowledge based quizzes, competitions, exams and practical industry oriented lab assignments to make them employable with us. The internship or the Industrial training provided by us is limited to only few select students and is focused on giving the student a chance to prove their ability and capability in a challenging work environment.

The Vision here is to "Provide High Quality Interface Between Industry and Academia" in the field of Semiconductor, Embedded Systems & Robotics, Software Engineering. We have partnership with number of colleges from where we pick up students for internship or industrial training and groom them.

The Mission is to enable practitioners and students to make significant contributions in the areas of:

  • Design and Verification services
  • Development of Verification IP’s
  • Embedded Systems and Robotics related Products and Services
  • Software Product Development and Services

The Objective is to provide Enriching Environment for World Class Training, Consultancy and Research in these areas.

The Goal is to ensure:

  • Formation of Strong Knowledge Base
  • Building Solid Bridges to Traverse Knowledge Gaps
  • Smooth Transition from Academics to Industry for Students
  • Availability of Competent and Trained Engineers for Industry
  • Professional and Personal Growth for all
  • "Become Cause in Matter" for individual existence in Society

The Mechanism is to achieve goals:

  • Rigorous Training
  • Exciting and Challenging Quizzes/Competitions
  • Practical Industry Oriented Lab/Tutorial Assignments
  • Interaction with Industry Pioneers for coaching and learning
  • Soft Skill Development: Communicaiton/Presentation/Interview
  • Preparation to be complete for “Core Industry” requirements

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